Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wiping the Slate Clean

In the interest of looking forward and not dwelling on the somewhat lackluster results of the mountain bike season and the abysmal results of the Kisscross season, I have removed my 2008 races from the sidebar. After all, 2009 is a new year and I'm expecting something completely different. (I never posted most of the results for Kisscross anyway, but as you loyal blog readers know, they were all DFL.)

Chris and I sat down last night and worked out our training schedules for the winter, which begin next week. (Clearly, the timing could have been better, but it seems ill advised to delay it any longer.) Our program includes weight training and riding and Friel-based. (In the interest of furthering my education, I'm going to start reading the training bible ASAP.)

We also came up with a tentative race schedule for next year, which I've added to the sidebar. As I think I already mentioned on this blog a couple of times, the first being right after 6 Hours of Ithaca, I'm going to focus on endurance racing next year. I really enjoyed the Ithaca race and I think endurance racing will be a good fit for me. So, I'm planning to do a few XC races, the Yankee Springs TT and a bunch of endurance races. It remains to be seen whether I'll do the 6 or 12 Hour versions of these races. (It will depend on how training goes and whether or not I can afford to buy a light.) I may or may not do Iceman, but I'll have to see if the date is a conflict with hockey. If I do race Iceman, I'll end up buying an entry from someone after the fact.

I'm pretty optimistic and I'm really looking forward to training for the new season. I guess I need to get to work.

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