Friday, December 26, 2008

Progress is Progress

I was going to put off weighing in at Weight Watchers until tomorrow, considering yesterday was Christmas and I went a little overboard. However, in the end I decided that it was best to get it over with and move on. I decided that the sooner I weighed in, the sooner I could turn the page and start fresh.

I did some things right this week. I went to PF Chang's for a networking lunch, but I looked up all the nutritional facts ahead of time so I could have a game plan. I ended up eating the chicken lettuce wraps appetizer as my lunch, which worked out really well because not only are they delicious, they're one of the lowest points value items on the menu. It's kind of eye opening to look at the nutritional info, because even the things that I normally eat there that I consider not that bad are horrible. Also, the appetizer filled me up very well and I can't believe I normally eat that and an entree.

Christmas Eve we went to my brother's house for lunch and I felt like I did fair, although I did eat a chocolate chip cookie that I probably didn't need after I had already eaten some of the WW dessert I brought. For dinner, we went to Chris' parents and since my mother-in-law is also on WW, there were a lot of very reasonable choices. I only had one drink and although I probably ate more food than I needed, I still felt conservative compared with how I would have eaten in years past. Besides, the things I did eat were good.

Christmas Day challenged me the most. Our traditional Christmas meal is prime rib. I ate two helpings of meat, which I didn't need, as well as three slices of bread (two pumpkin, one banana). The day started deteriorating toward evening when I began drinking and eating cookies. I had at least four drinks, three cookies and a small piece of pumpkin pie. I even had two more cookies after I got home since my aunt sent us home with a tin (which I'm hoping Chris will eat). Even though I fell off the wagon, I still think I ate more consciously than I would have previously. It was hard not to pay attention when Chris was following me around asking me "how many points?" every time I put something in my mouth.

On my way to weigh in this morning, I was just thinking, I hope I didn't gain anything. As it turns out, I lost 1 pound, which is not bad considering all the temptation. I feel pretty good about it. What probably saved me is all the training I did this week.

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