Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As I may have mentioned, I recently wrote an article about my experience with cyclocross for an online cycling magazine called Pedal Pushers. The style they wanted for the article is very informal, first person, fly by the seat of your pants and unpolished. Needless to say, I don't think any of my English teachers would be pleased with the way it's arranged or punctuated. Still, I am extemely proud and excited about the whole thing and I'm going to be starting the next article for them this week.

They also used photos taken by my husband, which is very cool.

Please check it out.


Ali B. said...

Love the article Andrea and your writing style! It makes me want to give it a shot more than ever. :)

p.s. great photos too!

Jake said...

Nice article Andrea.

Laurie said...

Very cool!

Anne said...

Sweet! Congrats on the publication!
Also on sticking to the racing for the entire season. Looking ahead to next spring?