Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weight Waiting

I have this sickness. It's an addiction that practically guarantees that anytime I am on a diet (or attempting to implement lifestyle changes to be healthier and weigh less, to be more p.c.), I will visit the bathroom scale, at minimum, once a day. This leads to the following varied emotional states, depending on how much progress I'm making: elation, pride, disillusion, discouragement, narcissim, relief and self-loathing.

Now I will announce my plan for losing weight. I have joined Weight Watchers. I will refrain from detailing my reasons for joining Weight Watchers because, after all, this is my blog, not a Weight Watchers commercial. Don't frown on my weakness at needing to pay for a program to help me lose weight. Instead, congratulate me for recognizing that end justifies the means. The dream of being at a healthy weight is important enough to justify any nonsurgical means at this point, so I've admitted defeat at trying to do it myself and moved on to something that will, hopefully, work.

Sorry for the Weight Watchers tangent, but now I can explain what has so far been one of the biggest advantages to joining in this first week. Last Saturday, when I began the program, they weighed me at the center. I purposefully didn't weigh myself at home that day. Since then, I have not gone near the scale. Surprisingly enough, I have been able to convince myself that weighing in on my home scale will not give me an accurate comparison to the WW scale. Therefore, even if I did weigh myself, I wouldn't be able to truly find out how much I've lost.

This has done wonders for my sanity so far and I hope it will continue. I may, however, have to go weigh in on Friday because waiting one more day might just be too excruciating to bear.


Laurie said...

Good for you, Andrea! And I agree: you should only weigh yourself on one scale. People tease me about that, but I refuse to use anything but the one in my bathroom. :)

Di said...

I've lost 30 pounds on WW and kept it off. :-) It works. I think it's mostly because it gives you an easier way to tally your food intake. The beginning is all about support, and I think your competitive edge will kick in an be a major factor in your success. :-)

Watcher said...

Good going, Andrea. I know the whole weight thing can be a tough deal. My sister's struggled with weight issues for a number of years. She's lost ~40 lbs over the last 7 months, and I sense it's taken a lot of discipline and toughness- probably more than I would have mustered.

You're gonna do great, just don't be too tough on yourself. You're great no matter what you weigh, you'll just be great and a bit healthier as you progress. Keep us updated, and I'm rooting for you.