Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cool Bike-Related Christmas Presents Part 2: Ghost Trails

I got Jill's book from my brother. I finished it last night. I was a little worried when I asked for it that it would be repetitious since I'd read all about her Iditarod experience on her blog, but it didn't feel like that at all. I really liked the way she organized the book, alternating chapters taking place during the race with chapters from her past adventures. It gave some good background on how she got to where she is. It was also nice to know she wasn't always as hard core as she is now. (It gave me some hope for overcoming my wimpiness.) If I had to complain about something with this book, I would say that it's too short (it was over too quickly) and I really didn't like the ending at all. The ending just seemed contrived to me and didn't fit with the spirit of the rest of the book. Overall, I really liked the book though, and I would definitely recommend it.

I haven't been reading much lately since there's so much else going on, but I think I'm going to have to hit the library. I forgot how nice it is to have a book waiting for me when I am ready to relax at the end of the day. It helps to get me through some of those undesirable tasks, knowing that book's there and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Of course, it also means I stay up far too late and sometimes avoid doing things I need to do in favor of reading. It's a fine line, so I'll have to be careful.


Ali B. said...

Thanks for the brief review of Jill's book... I didn't buy it thinking that it'd would be too repetitious. Glad to hear that it's worth the read. :) I picked up a couple of books from the library exactly a week ago and I'm disappointed that I've barely touched them! Sounds like the perfect thing to do on this snowy blowly Sunday. Have a great day... & try not to stay up TOOO late!

Diane said...

Ooo! I think Jill's book is in my future...after I renew my MMBA membership. :-D

The ending bit - that's kind of funny. I personally feel that's the worst part of my writing. I have a difficult time with endings.