Sunday, December 21, 2008

Equipment Failure

We got a bunch of snow dumped on us Thursday night and Friday morning, but yesterday morning was bright and sunny. It seemed like a good day to get out my snowshoes, especially since the girls are grounded from the dog park for a few days. So, I loaded my MP3 player with Christmas music and headed to a nearby park.

First, I had to get out the door, though, and Gretchen and Maddy were not pleased when I put on all my "dog park clothes," bundled myself up and promptly left them behind. I hadn't been to this particular park in a while because they don't allow dogs. In my opinion, there are already way too many places I can't take my dogs without banning them from parks, which are OUTDOORS. But I digress.

I strapped on my snowshoes and as I did so, wondered for the millionth time why there's no such thing as gloves that actually keep your hands warm and allow you to strap, buckle or zip things. By the time I finished getting the snowshoes on my feet, my hands were freezing.

It was sunny, though, I had my gloves to put on and I had Jewel's Joy: A Holiday Collection blasting. (I will not apologize for liking this, by the way, it's a great album, particularly the Go Tell It On The Mountain/Life Uncommon/From A Distance medley.)

Then I remembered something. Last year the sole started coming off my hiking boots. They're at least 10 years old and have seen better days. I've been wearing them to dog park all winter and it hasn't been a problem, but when the sole's coming off your boots, it doesn't exactly facilitate staying attached to snowshoes.

I finally gave up after about half an hour because I was so frustrated with having to put my snowshoes back on every five minutes. Next time, I'm definitely going to have to find something else to wear. It was really pretty while it lasted, though, with everything all covered in white. Too bad my camera is busted—I guess I'm just falling apart.


JR Moreau said...

I wish I had snowshoes right now. Heading outside to shovel my hilly sidewalk! Brrrrr...

Ali B. said...

Dear Santa,

Please bring Andrea new boots so she can enjoy her showshoes once again.

Thank you & p.s... I need new snowshoes.

Ali B. said...

show shoes?


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