Monday, December 8, 2008

The Weight Thing

Periodically, I mention on this blog the fact that my weight is a source of great consternation to me. It's been like that for most of my life. It's bothered me to be overweight because of the self-esteem issues; the stigma attached to it; the fact that I can't fit into attractive, skinny clothing; and because of health issues. These are all decent reasons in and of themselves to keep the weight off, but thus far I have been unsuccessful. Sure, I'll lose weight for a while, but it always ends up finding me again eventually. After some significant weight loss when Chris and I got engaged, by the time the wedding rolled around, I had gained back a little and it just went downhill from there.

Suddenly, though, I have one more reason to lose weight. I thought I could race bikes if I was overweight and I can, but the fact of the matter is that I have an extra 60 pounds I'm hauling up hills. To be faster and more successful next year, I definitely need to train a lot more. However, if I were 60 pounds lighter and trained more, I think it would make a HUGE difference.

It's funny because I hear conversations all the time between people trying to shave a couple of pounds or ounces from their bikes by changing pedals, wheels, tires, seat posts, etc. I just laugh when I think about how much lighter my bike would be if I could lose 60 pounds without even changing any components.

With that in mind, I began making a lifestyle change this past weekend. It's early, but so far it's going really well and I hope to be able to report significant progress after my first week. I also hope that this program is going to turn into my lifestyle and that finally, the weight will be gone for good.


Laurie said...

Good luck, Andrea! It's challenging to make lifestyle changes, but you have some great motivation and with that, a strong determination to do so.

Fairy said...
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