Monday, July 28, 2008

Weight Report

As a result of the first week of my "drastic, but healthy" measures, I lost 8 pounds! I know that first week is always the best and after that the losing starts to taper off, but losing a bunch in the first week is good motivation to keep going.

I owe my two loyal blog readers a race report from the Stony Creek TT, but I'm still waiting for Chris to process the photos, so I will probably post it tonight.


Anonymous said...

Waiting patiently for the race report. At least 50% of your readers don't know how you did.

Danielle said...

You should do the 6/12 hours of Pando. The course has some twisty parts (like Stoneycreek), and some doubletrack mixed in. The hard part is the beginning. We usually have to start out going straight up the toboggan hill. It sucks, but it's over quickly.