Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dodging the Bullet

I was expecting to be knocked out of first place in the CPS as soon as the Boyne race was over. I don't think I specifically talked about it on my blog, but Chris and I had decided early on not to do the race at Boyne for a number of reasons. The most important was that we really just had no interest in riding it. I have never ridden at Boyne personally, but I have been to the 24-hour race there and I have walked on that trail. It didn't look like anything I wanted to ride. We will probably do all the other races in the series, though we only need five to qualify. I'm thinking it would be good to have more chances to throw out the first two races when I did so poorly, or at least Fort Custer.

That being said, I was sure some of my close competitors (none of whom have done as many races as I have, hence the reason I'm in first place) would race Boyne and quickly fly past me in the standings. I had mixed feelings when I saw the results the other day. There was only one competitor in my age group, and she is not registered for the CPS. That meant I could hold on to my fragile, ill-fated first place ranking until the end of this month when the Stony Creek TT takes place. Of course, I also thought, if I would have gone and raced,the worst I could have placed would be second, and I could have had 27 more points, which I could have used to replace the pathetic 11 points I earned at Fort Custer. I could also have DNFd.

Today's a rest day and I'll ride for an hour tomorrow, most likely on the River Trail. Saturday is the big six-hour race and I'm busy scheming about what to bring and trying not to freak out.

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