Thursday, July 3, 2008

How I Rate

Last year Chris got some cool new Ergon grips, which he really likes. I mentioned to him earlier this year that I would like a pair. He told me he was going to order another pair for his full suspension bike, but that he was waiting until he could get the super cool carbon model. So, a couple weeks ago he told me he "ordered our grips." When we finally went to pick them up yesterday, suddenly both pairs were "his" grips. Wait a minute, I thought you were ordering me a pair. You already have a pair of grips. Then he explained it to me. He ordered himself two new pairs of grips so I could get his castoffs. When I protested, he just told me how ridiculous I was being. "Like I'm really going to put a pair of $100 grips on your $800 bike so I can have a $65 pair of grips on my $3,000 bike!" Silly me. I guess I now have a slightly used pair of $65 Ergon grips, which is still pretty cool.

P.S. I am well aware that if I wanted the carbon grips I could buy myself a pair. That's not the point!


Anonymous said...

You might want to write to Santa because I know he is not busy right now. He is still at the North Pole.~~

Anne said...

Did you ride while up north?

Recently rode the Vasa singletrack, has a nice newer section in it. Parked the bikes and kayaked a couple days too.

Logged a mega road ride Saturday. Fun.

Badger is ready!