Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Something I finally got through my head in the past couple of weeks is that riding your bike, no matter how much, does not make you skinny. It doesn't even make you healthy or fit. This was a delusion perpetuated by the large amount of thin people I see when I'm at bike races. (Somehow, the hefty ones were just ignored.) I'm not going to belabor this, but the point is that my delusion is over. I've realized, once and for all, that no matter how much I ride my bike, I need to stop eating at the Chinese buffet, at the Mexican buffet, at random fast food joints, etc. And since I don't seem to be able to handle moderation, I've opted to take drastic (but still healthy) measures to get this extra weight off once and for all. I'll post updates occasionally, but don't worry, both of my loyal blog readers. This is not about to become a weight loss blog. It will still be mostly bike stuff.

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