Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weight Progress—February 3 (Better than Nothing)

Here's where I was a week ago:

Net weight loss: 29
Pounds left to goal: 35.5

Here's this week's stats:

Net weight loss: 30.5
Pounds left to goal: 34

(For all of you English majors like me who can't do math, that's 1.5 pounds since last Sunday.) I know it's something, but it doesn't feel like much and I'm one week closer to the wedding. I'm still trying to figure out how long I can safely postpone my dress fittings. If I could wait until the end of March, that would give me another eight weeks to work with. That's long enough that I could reasonably take off another 15 pounds.

The good news is that I hit the 30 pound mark, which is a milestone. However, I should be hitting the 50 pound mark by now and I would be if I hadn't gone backward and had to make it up again.

And now what you've all been waiting for—the "fat picture":

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Anonymous said...

You have 14.4 weeks left.So with last weeks schedule of 1.5 lbs lost, you will be right on the mark for the 15 lbs. You will actually have .01 lbs to spare. That is for the 15 lb mark. The 29 lb. mark we will talk about later. 101 days left and counting.....