Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Like It!

We finally worked out on the Bowflex for the first time tonight. I really liked it. The transition between the exercises wasn't the smoothest, but I think that will get a lot better with practice. Tonight I was still learning how things hook together and come apart.
Overall, though, I was really surprised at how ingenious the entire setup is. I loved being able to do so many exercises on one machine without having to lug around and switch out weights.

I also like how I don't have to leave my house to do it. Not having to worry about someone else being on the machine I want to use is also a bonus.

There was only one real problem. Regular readers of my blog (all two of them) may remember the injuries I sustained to my posterior while cross country skiing. It's not really bothering me too much anymore except when I sit down a certain way or put a lot of weight on it in a certain position. A couple of the exercises tonight were excruciating in that respect.

And you, lucky readers, got some bonus "fat pictures," too. Check out those chins, would ya?

P.S. Someone who may be reading my blog might be interested in checking our wedding Web site for updates.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With that machine you should reach your goal by "Easter". Looks cool..The little guy in the photo seems to be struggling. Keep up the good work. I couldn't find anything on the wedding site on activities. Whats a person to do with no activities? Your blog has been viewed by 1/2 of your readers today.