Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weight Progress (or lack thereof)

Well, it finally happened. I knew it was going to one of these times. I just didn't think it would be quite so soon. I actually lost nothing this week—not a single pound. It was a rest week, so I didn't get as much riding in as I usually do, but I did the Bowflex twice.

I did eat out kind of a lot again, actually more than last week, and that was probably my downfall. I did still eat healthy and I still feel like I'm moving forward, but the scale started going up after last Sunday and it only came back down Saturday and today. So, this is where I'm still sitting, and the coming week is going to be an even bigger challenge. Thursday morning I leave for our annual convention. I have to work Thursday through Sunday and I won't be leaving the Hyatt the entire time. This is my eighth year of going and every single year I have gained at least two or three pounds, even though I'm running my butt off the whole weekend. This year, I'm hoping just to maintain. I'll be posting my weight on Monday instead of Sunday, so we'll see how it looks then.

I found a particularly hideous fat photo for today:

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Anonymous said...

Life is like a Camel, you can make it do anything except back-up..Love your headlight in the photo. Can't wait for next weeks Hyatt report.