Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weight Progress

Here's where I was a week ago:

Net weight loss: 31.5
Pounds left to goal: 33

Here's this week's stats:

Net weight loss: 33
Pounds left to goal: 31.5

Again, it's not as much as I was hoping for, but it's going down steadily, just slowly. I ate out three times this week—once for lunch and twice for dinner. I thought I was pretty good two of the times, but one was a Mexican buffet (need I say more?). I did work out really hard, though.

I did have a few victories this week. I went shopping and was able to buy clothes in a smaller size than what I am currently wearing, and in one instance I probably could have gone down two sizes. In fact, I was so confident about my weight continuing to go down that I bought this dress to change into after the wedding in Key West. At Chris' suggetion, I even bought it in a smaller size than what I'm wearing now. I hope it'll work as good motivation.

And here's this week's fat photo. Me+playing horsehoes=not a pretty sight

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Anonymous said...

A survey of 50 percent of your readers think the dress is really cute. Watch out for those Mexican Buffets.