Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is Actually Starting to Make Sense

Late last week, I noticed with disdain as I looked at my workout plan that my weight training routine was going to change. I've gone from the Maximum Strength (MS) to the Power Endurance (PE) phase. After all the trouble I had in the first few days of the last phase, I wasn't optimistic about figuring out my new workout. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the actual exercises weren't going to change, just the amount of weight and the speed with which I lift it.

For my first weight workout in this phase, I had to determine, through trial and error and some estimating, how much weight I needed to lift. This is similar to the process I had to go through in the first phase, but for some reason, it was much easier for the PE phase. I don't think there's anything inherently easier about this phase. The difference is that I'm starting to educate myself about the program and it's becoming more understandable.

Things aren't as daunting as they were in the beginning and I'm using the Mountain Biker's Training Bible as a reference to figure out what I need to do. Rather than looking at all the information and deciding it was overwhelming and whining about it, now I'm just systematically working through it.

It's not perfect. Chris is still plugging my workout times into the Excel file for me and filling in some of the blanks, but I'm actually learning to do some of it myself while he provides the basic framework. One of these days I may actually be self-sufficient in this area!

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