Monday, January 12, 2009

Something I'm Worse at than Mountain Biking

Yesterday, I slogged through 2.5 hours on the trainer, an act necessitated by the fact that we got snow dumped on us all weekend. Later that evening, I participated in an activity that was was very different from mountain biking in some ways. In one glaringly obvious way, this pursuit was startlingly similar to mountain biking. Turns out I suck at both of these pastimes—mountain biking and, wait for it ... roller skating.

Back in the day, my husband spent all his time traveling around the state to roller rinks with his buddies. Not only does he think it strange that I didn't spend my time similarly, he's incredulous that I can't skate at all. Because everyone learns how to skate when they're a kid, right? It's just like riding a bike.

So, last night we visited the scene of so many of my husband's adolescent nights—Edru, the roller skating rink in the small town of Holt with the zoo animals on the roof. I proceeded to attempt to skate and he proceeded to attempt to teach me. Needless to say, it was not an overly successful venture.

I'll probably keep trying, though, just like I do with mountain biking.

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Ali B. said...

animals on the roof? I want to see that!