Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

I know I've talked about this on my blog before, but it continues to amaze me how much I get into reading other people's blogs. Reading someone else's thoughts day after day makes it easy to feel like you know them.

I have a rotation of blogs I read often and they fall into a couple different categories. The first are people I met and knew in person before reading their blog (or maybe they didn't have a blog until after I had met them). For example, there are Jake, Anne and Laurie. Another category is those people whose blogs I read before I met them (or maybe I still haven't met them, but have some chance of meeting them) like Danielle, Ali, Di and Corporate Hippy. Still another category is those people I have never met and will probably never meet like Fat Cyclist, Alaska Jill, Pioneer Woman and Alex. Regardless of what category they fit into, I feel like I've gotten to know them (or at least the person they seem like on their blog). So, it continues to amaze me when I see (or hear) something that doesn't jibe with the persona I have envisioned.

Now, I'll get to the real point of this post. Yesterday, Fat Cyclist posted some videos on his site. So now, Elden Nelson has a voice for me. Here's the problem. It's not at all the voice that was in my head. It's not that there's anything wrong with his voice. It's just not what I was expecting, even though I can't really pinpoint what I was expecting. At any rate, if you're a Fat Cyclist reader and you haven't watched the video, you should definitely do it. I'd be interested to find out whether it had the same effect on anyone else.

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Ali B. said...

Whew! Glad I made it into the maybe-meet-someday category! :) Ok, now I have to go listen to the Fat Cyclist!