Monday, January 5, 2009

5 Interminable Hours

That's my total time on the trainer between Saturday and Sunday. It was downright excruciating. I should have followed my first instinct on Saturday, when it was beautiful and the sun was shining all day. I thought I should have ridden outside, but I took the path of least resistance. I figured it was more likely for me to roll off the couch, pull on a pair of bike shorts and hit the trainer than to pull on a bunch of layers and get my mountain bike out of the garage. Besides, I'd knew I'd be doing an outdoor group ride on my birthday. Big mistake.

When Sunday rolled around, freezing rain had turned the roads into a skating rink. People started bailing left and right, but I was still determined to go out. I had to spend three hours training and I didn't think I could stand three sitting on my bike on the trainer. Then Barry called and asked me if I had studded tires and I realized all my training wasn't going to do me much good if I got hit by car or sustained some ridiculous injury by trying to ride on extremely icy roads.

So I rode the trainer. For three hours. I thought it was never going to be over. It's a good thing I only have to do strength training today or I think I would lose it. I just hope one day off is going to be enough for my legs and posterior to recover. I do see a lot of outdoor rides in my future, though.


Laurie said...

Boo to the bad weather on your b'day! We will ride outside another day. I hit the trainer, too, but now for three hours. You're so dedicated!

Ali B. said...

yuck.. i know that feeling. way to hang in there!

Jake said...

Sorry to have to bail on the ride Sunday. When I went outside and watched my dog slide into the fence because she could stop due to the ice I figured riding would be a bad idea.