Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Open Letter to Bob Fish

With a nod to Fat Cyclist, I present this letter to Bob Fish, CEO and co-founder of Biggby, wherein I confidently ask for a job.

Dear Bob:

You don't know me, but you should. You see, I'm currently in search of a company to employ me, one I can be proud of. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be leaving the Lansing-based professional association where I've spent more than eight years gaining valuable experience and honing my communications skills. I believe I can put those skills to good use at Biggby, so I wanted to let you know I'm available.

There are many things about Biggby I find exciting and I know I can transmit that allure to the printed and electronic page, whether it be writing press releases, blog posts, copy for a tri-fold brochure or any other communication materials. I enjoy Biggby beverages and I would give my right arm for one of your cinnamon muffins (that may be a slight exaggeration). What's more, I like the way you communicate and I want to be part of that. Your blog, your Facebook page, your practice of having coffee with your patrons, even the friendliness of Biggby staff as I'm waiting for my beverage—they're all indications of a desirable corporate culture.

You may wonder what's in it for you. I've already mentioned the skill and experience I have, but that's not even the best part. In a society where most employees come and go and are constantly looking for something better, I have a loyalty and dedication you'll find refreshing. My commitment to producing the best quality work and setting others on fire with the passion I have for my subject matter are things you just won't find elsewhere.

I'll be available beginning Oct. 27 and I'm sure I'll be hearing from you soon, even if it's just so I can give you more information.

Oh, and one last thing—that comment you read on my blog yesterday about how I couldn't call your company Biggby? Yeah, that was just a joke. I can call it Biggby. Biggby, Biggby, Biggby. See?

Thanks for your time and for visiting my blog.


Andrea Davis


Bob Fish said...

You are one smart person, ya'know?

Anyway, I gotta do the pass off thing on this one...'cuz we just did a round a hiring in this area!

Nicole Shumway runs this whole marketing shindig, and so ya' gotta get past her in the end, ya'see? Her email? nshumway@biggby.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea!

I am excited to hear how much you enjoy BIGGBY COFFEE and want to be a part of it. You have a great enthusiasm that we all enjoy seeing and hearing around these parts. At this point we are not hiring in this area, however, I would encourage you to submit a resume and should something come up that would be a good fit for you - we will already know where to find you. Best wishes in your search! Thanks for being such a loyal BIGGBY COFFEE fan!

Nicole Shumway
Director of Marketing

Jessicca said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Mr. Fish...Andrea, you really are brilliant!!! I'm going to really miss working with you, but am looking forward to having some of those tasty adult beverages, next Friday night!

Stacy Ann said...

Too bad I won't get to know more about your brillance at work for much longer. I wish you the best. Looking forward to Friday night! :o)