Sunday, October 12, 2008

Job Chronicles

I realize my blog hasn't had much to do with bikes, riding or racing lately. My focus has been elsewhere with all the changes happening in my life and although I believe very strongly that I should start training as I mentioned in my last race report, it hasn't happened yet.

It will, of course, sound like I'm making excuses and putting things off, but believe me, there's a time coming when excuses will no longer hold water. So, I'm going to try to formulate a more definite plan about what I want to do to train and when I will start.

In the interim, I'm trying to take care of a few things as they relate to my job situation. For those of you who want an update, this coming week is my last at my current job. I'm also in negotiations with a company (that is currently not blowing me off, I was just a little paranoid) that is going to give me some contract work. Chris and I have also been working furiously to get my professional Web site up and running, and it's very close to being finished. There are just some samples that need to be uploaded and I need to find (or have Chris take) a decent, professional photo of me for the front page. With that and a few tweaks, it should be good to go. I'll have it up by the end of next week. I'll post a link on this blog, just in case you want to send any freelance commercial writing business my way.

We're leaving on a trip on Oct. 20, and I plan to take my bike. Last year, we got in some good riding in Missouri, where Chris' grandma lives. When we get back, I plan to start with weights and doing intervals on the trainer to try to improve by the end of the
Kisscross season. Hopefully, I won't have too much free time, but just enough to make it convenient to train.

Di and Ali, my apologies for the demise of my food posting. I plan to get back to that starting tomorrow, regardless of how bad it is.

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