Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kansas City/SE MO Recap

Although I wrote one post while we were on vacation about our visit with the phenomenal Ben Taddiken, I realize I never really said anything about the rest of our trip, nor did I post any photos. We didn't take many photos (other than the 53,000 Chris took of Ben playing), but I thought I'd post the few I did take here, along with a brief description of our short trip.

We left Lansing at a little after 9 on Monday morning and arrived in Kansas about 12 hours later. After checking into our hotel, we walked a couple of blocks to the downtown shopping district to find a restaurant for Chris' birthday dinner. We ended up with a very nice meal—smoked prime rib for Chris, Kansas City strip for me. We called it a night pretty early as it was a long day in the car.

One thing I noticed about Kansas City is there are fountains everywhere. The Plaza Court area, where we found all the shopping and restaurants, is modeled after Seville, Spain. It's pretty attractive and quite clean.

We wandered back downtown late Saturday morning to do some window shopping. For those of you who don't know my husband very well, you may not realize that window shopping is an excruciating concept for him. Despite some very definite redneck tendencies, he inherited the shopping gene from his mother and on top of that, he is a serious brand snob. He not only carries a Coach wallet, he wears Versace underwear.

Needless to say, being around stores like Tommy Bahama, Lucky Jeans and North Face and knowing he couldn't buy anything because I don't have a job was not easy for him. So, after a lot of torture and some Kansas City barbecue for lunch, we headed back to the hotel. I had a feeling it was going to be a late night, and I knew I would need a nap to get me through.

After our evening hanging out with Ben and listening to him play, we grabbed a few hours sleep before heading to southeast Missouri to visit with some of Chris' family. We stayed with his grandma, were grossly overfed and left first thing Friday morning to get home in time for hockey. It was a lot of driving in a short number of days, but we did have fun, despite the fact that a more leisurely pace would have been nice.

I put a coin in here. It worked, I think.

This was outside a fancy jewelry store. Too bad our puppy girls were back in Michigan at the puppy hotel. Urban Outfitters is always worth a laugh. And yes, I feel compelled to take pictures of poop-related items (except actual poop).

This fountain was outside of Starbucks. The boy is supposed to be peeing on the frog, I think. Otherwise, the frog is spitting on the boy's package.
Many more random fountains to follow

Sick of fountains yet?

Notice Ben is wearing jeans, which we had never seen before. He was still wearing flip flops, though, freezing or not.
My husband certainly enjoyed Ben's show, not to mention numerous Fat Tire beverages, which are not available in Michigan.

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