Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crusty Butt

As my loyal blog readers know, I have just returned from a brief trip to Kansas City. What you may not know is that Kansas City is the destination of my westernmost trip in the continental U.S. Seriously, I've never been to California, Montana, Utah, Colorado, the list goes on and on. Whenever Chris and I talk about mountain biking out west, I try to stress to him that although I want to visit some of our fine western states, I do not want to mountain bike there.

Dedicated mountain bikers just look at me funny when I explain that I have no desire to ride my bike in the mountain biking mecca, Moab. The reason is simple. Even though these places look beautiful in pictures, the fact is, they also look hard. Terrifying, really.

I'm not even close to mastering the trails that are right here in the Great Lakes State. The reality is, the trails out west are a lot harder.

Everyone who reads this blog knows that my biggest challenge in mountain biking is fear. I'm afraid of trails that are even the least bit challenging because I lack confidence. My husband tries to to explain to me that if I got better and just rode more, I would become more confident and, thus, braver. So far it has not happened, but I also realize that I haven't ridden nearly enough to see a difference.

At any rate, Chris' aunt has graciously provided us with a timeshare for a week as a wedding present. After poring over her book and looking at all the options, we just made reservations here. We're going next August and it looks phenomenal.

I'm extremely excited for the trip, but there's one problem. It goes without saying that you can't go to Crested Butte (or Crusty Butt, as my husband likes to call it) and not go mountain biking. If I did I know I'd regret it. So, I have 10 months to grow a pair and I have one more reason to get serious about training. As if I needed another!

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Di said...

Andrea -

Go ride Fruita. There some super cool trails at 18 road that you will love. There is only one that terrified me because of the exposure, but it is well marked stating that it is advanced.

There are a lot of trails that you can ride that are more cross country rather than freeride. It's also a suburb of Grand Junction, which is an awesome town. You would love it. You could head into GJ for a brew, shopping, and food while Chris drives 90 minutes to Moab for a little slickrock, or he could just ride Kokopelli which is just by Fruita. Check out the pics at

You could come to Copper Harbor for a primer. :-D