Monday, March 17, 2008


I headed down to Jackson for our team ride yesterday. The plan was to try riding the Ella Sharp mountain bike trail. With the Yankee Springs Time Trial getting closer and closer, we are all itching to get out on a real trail, but they are all a) too snowy, b) too icy, c) too muddy or d) all of the above. It is just my luck that the year I decide to take up mountain bike racing and sign up for a race in April is the worst winter we've had in several years and looks like it's going to be the longest spring thaw in years, too.

It's getting to be somewhat of a pattern that we have a rather pathetic showing at these team rides. I'm hoping they will be a little better attended when it gets a little warmer. As it was, both Chris and Scott bailed on me. I went anyway because I knew I needed to get some miles in. I think my time on a trainer may be about up. I'm just having trouble getting back on it now that there is more daylight and the weather is starting to get a little nicer.

It was just Jake, Jason and I riding. Jake had arrived ahead of us and started riding the trail. He said it was really icy and that most of the ice was at the bottom of hills and he had crashed. Neither Jason nor I seemed too excited about spending the entire time trying to ride ice, so I suggested we just ride the rail trail. It was a little boring, cold and grey, but at least we got some miles in. It was the first time we had met Jason, so it was kind of interesting to have someone new to talk to.

We ended up with about 26 miles and two hours of riding. I felt pretty good about that. Of course, later in the afternoon it got sunny and warmer, but then that's just what my luck has been like lately. I don't even want to talk about hockey.

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