Sunday, April 6, 2008


After several weeks in which I didn't use the Bowflex, rode very little, blogged very little, was sick and was generally very lazy, I decided to dig myself out of my hole of sloth yesterday. Somewhat coincidentally, the evil Michigan weather decided to cooperate and finally bring us spring, just in time for my coming out party.
We spent a couple hours in the morning doing trail maintenance at Burchfield. I don't know if it was the first sign of good weather or some other reason, but a ton of people showed up. After two hours the entire park was done.

After lunch, we headed out to Rose Lake to do some riding. Everything still looks very brown, but the trails were dry with just one or two extremely small spots of latent slush. I know I did a lot of complaining about a winter this year. It just seemed to drag and drag and we got so much more snow than we have in recent years. It was good for skiing, but not much else. Despite all the complaining, though, I wonder if it would have felt as good as it did to get out there yesterday in the mostly sunny, 60-degree goodness if it hadn't been for the rough stuff that preceded it.

It's the best feeling ever to hop on my bike without six layers of clothes and not have to worry about being cold or my toes freezing. Of course, it also feels good to have new, cool stuff to ride in. I used my new mountain bike shoes for the first time, and Chris and I both had our cool new Twin Six jerseys that my mom got us for Easter. We also tried out our slick new Optic Nerve glasses.

We didn't spend a ton of time riding because today the team is meeting to finally get a crack at Yankee. It'll be interesting to see how it goes with the race only two weeks away.


Anonymous said...

I have heard of a three toed sloth.. The "AMBER" alert has been canceled. Great photo of the new togs. Was that a rake in Chris's hands?

Chris said...

I'm a man of many talents.