Saturday, March 15, 2008


I had big plans for today. First I was going to take the girls to the dog park for about an hour and get them good and tired out. Officer Stark had different ideas. After we had been there for barely a half hour, he started making his rounds. The rule at the dog park is that your dog has to have a license and mine don't, so I was expelled from the park and given a citation. (Not to mention that it's a misdemeanor for them not to be licensed.) Luckily, I just have to take the paper in and get them licenses to avoid paying a fine. It did cut our exercise time short, though.

My next plan was to get a 15-mile ride in. We started out on the river trail and planned to follow it to the end, turn around and head over to Revolution Bikes to order some things. We had gone only a quarter mile on the trail before it became impassable (unless we wanted to wade or ride through calf-deep, putrid water from the Red Cedar at the beginning of a ride on a 34-degree day). We ended up having to turn around and ride around campus. Enough time was wasted and we had other things we needed to do such that we only ended up with a 45-minute, eight-mile ride. Kind of pathetic, but hopefully, we'll get a longer ride in tomorrow.

The last and worst of my luck today was my hockey team losing a game it should easily have won so that advancing to the next round was delayed by another day. Oh well, I guess that just means one extra home hockey game this season we weren't expecting.

By the way, we got our team jerseys today and I think they look pretty good, although I look somewhat maniacal in the photos. I feel all official now!

I love that SNAPP is one of our sponsors!

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Anonymous said...

If you keep getting arrested you are not going to be able to cross the border and get into the Conch Republic. However they have a few Felons who live there but can't leave. That might not be all bad. Have a good ride today....