Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smells Like Team Spirit

Looks like I made it on a team after all. I'll be riding for On2Wheels, a bike shop in Jackson, this year. I got my jersey today, as you can see. I'm really excited to be a part of it. I know quite a few of my teammates already, and they are a great bunch. I believe they will be fun to hang out with and ride with and will motivate me to be better.

Jake is taking charge of things again this year, and we have a tentative schedule of group rides set up. After slogging away by myself on the trainer all winter, I am not only looking forward to riding outside, but also to riding with someone, instead of just alone.

That being said, for all the excitement I have over my impending race season, I'm pretty nervous. I've been bragging all winter about the riding I've done and though I have really done all of it, I won't be satisfied unless it seems to have made a difference. There's a part of me that always had the fact that I was overweight and didn't train enough to fall back on as an excuse for why I sucked. Now that I'm dropping pounds and putting so much time into training, what if I still completely suck? What if I'm terrible no matter how much effort I exert? It's a very real fear.

If nothing else, I'm sure I'll have fun racing this season. Still, it's getting old to be the person who always gets an "A" for effort. It's not enough anymore to keep showing up and racing, no matter how much it beats me up. I really need to see some progress this year.


CJA said...

Congratulations. I can relate with both the excitement and nervousness about joining a team. This will be the first year I have ridden with a team also. Good luck and remember there are no bad rides!

Laurie said...

Aside from your weight loss and training, I think CONFIDENCE will play a huge role in your performance this season. You're going to do great!

Rose said...

I hope your weight loss and training give you some confidence.
The jersey looks good on you. Hope today went well