Monday, March 2, 2009

More Randomness

Since I've been updating this blog so infrequently lately, it seems like I'm always playing catch up with my posts. What I've ended up with as a result of that are posts that are fairly disorganized and unfocused, but I guess it's better than nothing at all.

The biggest thing that's on my mind right now is Alaska Jill. I've been following her progress on the Iditarod, but since I am now gainfully employed, I didn't get to look at it all day. When I checked the site just now, I found out that both Jill and her boyfriend Geoff have scratched! Jeff ended up having to stop last year before finishing because of an injury and now he has apparently had to scratch again. I haven't seen any details at this point, but whatever happened, I'm sure it's hugely disappointing for both of them. I hope they're okay.

And speaking of being okay, I finally feel almost back to normal after being sick pretty much all last week. It's just my luck that the first week I started my new job there were five or six people in the office sick and I quickly soaked up their germs. I suffered through a couple of higher intensity workouts last week and even though it was hard to do when congested, I think it was really good for me.

I've logged 404 miles on the trainer since Jan. 6. I'm sure that's some kind of record for me. No wonder I'm sick of it.

My weight was exactly the same at Friday's weigh in. I didn't lose anything. I both disappointed and relieved. I'm expecting to stop losing weight at some point, but I also know I've been treating my weekends like nutritional free-for-alls, and that needs to stop.

My first race of the season, the Yankee Springs Time Trial, is only seven weeks away. I know it's ambitious and will take some willpower, but I'd really like to drop another 15 pounds by then, so as to be faster and lighter. We'll see how it goes.

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