Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Content

Seriously? I haven't updated my blog since March 10? I think this might be the longest I've ever gone and it is truly unacceptable. Unfortunately, tonight is not going to be the night to write much because there is still too much going on here.

So, I'm going to give a few quick updates:
  • There's new content up on our Web site, Michigan Mountain Bike Racing. We have a new featured racer and blog. We're going to be changing these on a monthly basis. Check it out!
  • We're also looking for suggestions for people to interview and blogs to feature, so if you have any, please let me know. I'm trying to widen my circle a bit so I'm not just featuring friends and/or people who read my blog. I'm also trying to have a good mix of male, female, sport, expert, beginner. (I'm particularly looking for a female beginner or sport racer from the east side of the state for next month.)
  • After spending a few weeks in a nutritional pit of despair, I finally had an okay week last week. The result was losing back 1.4 of the 2.8 pounds I had gained at the last weigh in. (I skipped one weighing in between.) This week, I have been much better than I've been since I started my new job, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an excellent weigh in on Friday.
  • Last weekend was busy. In between shifts at the Lansing Home and Garden Show in the Granger booth, I also got to attend the Mid-State Chapter meeting, go for a group ride (outside for the first time in weeks) on Saturday and hit some actual dirt on Sunday.
  • It looks like I'm going to be on a race team this year after all. More on this in an upcoming post, hopefully tomorrow.


Di said...

Is the mid-state chapter forming a team, this year?

Laurie said...

I'm happy we're are a motivating force!

Andrea said...

Di--There's no Mid-State team as far as I know. There was talk of one, but it hasn't materialized so far.

Laurie--I'm glad to be on a team with you, too. I hope you'll rub off on me and make me faster!