Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lance Pulling a Brett Favre?

I'm in bed last night, just about to fall asleep, when Chris says "There's this guy named Lance Armstrong who had cancer. He says he's going to race the Tour de France next year and he's going to win."

Now Chris is into history and facts. He mostly reads nonfiction. I try to never argue with him about politics, because not only do we have vastly differing viewpoints, he has all these facts in his head to use in his argument. I just get all emotional and start sputtering. At any rate, I figured he was just wowing me with some quote he remembered from before Lance won a TdF.

I've been a barely coherent, stressed out mess lately, so I just said, rather eloquently, "huh?" at which point he repeated his previous statement. After several rounds of this, I said "who said that?" and he responded "Velo News." That's when I finally figured out that Velo News was reporting that Lance Armstrong may be coming out of retirement to race again next year.

Now, I like Lance Armstrong. I like Lance Armstrong a lot. I was very interested in most of things he has done since he's been retired (e.g., raising money for cancer, running a marathon, racing Leadville, hanging out with Matthew McConaughey). Not that I wasn't a little disgusted by the whole Mary Kate (or was it Ashley?) thing.

Despite the fact that I am a fan of Lance, I am not necessarily a fan of this idea, if it is really going to happen. It's just so typical. Just because he's a star athlete doesn't mean he has to act like Brett Favre or Michael Jordan. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Favre and I despise Jordan, at least as much as you can despise a person you've never actually met.) I'm just so over the whole "I'm retired, I'm not retired" thing.

According to the article, Lance's coming out of retirement is little more than a rumor and other rumors include Lance doing more mountain biking and even trying cyclocross. I think I would enjoy seeing him attempt cyclocross. If he does return to road racing, though I may complain about it a lot, I'll still be cheering him on come July.


Glen R said...

Seems to be a rumor, and I doubt he'd join a team that got booted from the TDF for doping. :)


Anonymous said...

Don't appear to be a rumor. CNN has been reporting he will be in five races next year. (No it is not the Comins News Network)

Anne said...

Looks like it is going to happen in some form.

Here's a funny 'take' on it

Got your cowbell out and the CX bike ready to rumble this weekend????

It IS CX season!!!!

Chris said...

I promise her CX bike will be ready to. Mine, well, I'm retired, whatever that means.