Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big News!

This post is not bike-related in the least, but it's big news, so I'm posting it anyway. Yesterday, I gave notice at my job. This is a really big deal.

You see, I've been looking for a new job on and off for the last two or three years. I finally decided after discussion with my husband and brainstorming about how I can survive without a paycheck to quit my job without having a new job first.

I gave a month's notice, so if nothing changes between now and then, as of mid-October I will be unemployed. Needless to say I'm feeling apprehensive. After all, I've been at my job for eight years and the idea of changing jobs is scary, almost as scary as not having a job. The other thing I'm feeling is a huge relief.

P.S. If you hear of any communications/PR jobs in the Lansing area, please let me know.


Anne said...

Wow, you go race in the mud (WAY TO GO!) and come back and quit your job. Clearly the intense effort out there has made some massive changes for you.

How about being a gypsy CX racer?

Chris said...

"P.S. If you hear of any communications/PR jobs in the Lansing area, please let me know."

If you here of a network analyst and communications/PR job in Key West, please let us know.

Di said...

Hi, Andrea!

I came to your site through Ali's blog (dirtypicassoride.blogspot.com). Very fun! I love cycling nut blogs, especially those that are well written. :-)

I've been in the job transition situation many times. What you need to do on your first unemployed day is go ride your bike. It is going to feel very weird. You might even feel like something is missing, and it will be difficult to fill that void for a short while. It's amazing how badly some of us don't want to work, but we find that our occupations are part of our identities.

BTW, nice cyclocross coverage!

Ali B. said...

Wow... this IS exciting and potentially anxiety provoking change - but in a GOOD way! Way to get out of the funk... Hmm... What can a teacher do besides teach? Now you have me thinking. :)

Andrea said...

Wow! I think this a record for most comments for a single post, even if one of them is my husband.

Anne--In all seriousness, the cross racing has made me braver than I would have been. We'll see if that turns out to be a good thing.

Di--Thanks for visiting and thanks for the advice. It's amazing how hard this decision was for me, even though I've been miserable for at least the last two years. I know it's really weird, but it's like "Director of Communications" is who I am and I'm not sure who I'll be without it. (Of course, the no income part is scary, too.)

Ali--This wasn't exactly how I was planning to get out of the funk--it's a little extreme. The thing is, since I got into bike racing in the past year, I seem to be more willing to live my life, rather than just tolerating it and it has finally made its way to my job.