Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wedding Present

Chris gave me my wedding present early. As you can see, it's a beach cruiser.

It's a Nirve Lahaina, and it has lots of cool tropical, beachy images on it.

It's even in our wedding color.

It has surfboards.

It has tropical flowers on the fenders.

It has sunsets.

It has a pretty, painted chain guard.

(Don't mind our sketchy, ghetto yard in the background.)

It has cool stitching on the saddle that goes with the theme.

It has three speeds.

It has front brakes and flowery grips. (It has coaster brakes, too.)

How cool is this? It even has patterned tires.

Even though I love my other bikes, I am excited to have one that I can just get on and ride, without having to put on bike shoes, bike shorts, etc. I expect Chris and I will ride our cruisers downtown on summer evenings to sit on the patio at Kelly's and have cocktails. I can't wait.

First though, I have to do my first mountain bike race tomorrow. Yikes!

1 comment:

Ali B. said...

(Don't mind our sketchy, ghetto yard in the background.) <- hilarious!

I really like your cruiser... I really want a cruiser. You have a most beautiful cruiser. Sincerely, Me.