Monday, April 28, 2008

Sports Injury

I got a new sports injury this weekend and it wasn't even from riding and crashing. That's because I didn't ride this weekend. At all. We were supposed to ride on Saturday, had the bikes in the car, had the biking clothes and gear in the car, were over on that side of the state and drove right by Fort Custer on the highway. You heard it right. We completely wussed out. A little taste of spring weather and suddenly we didn't want to ride because it was overcast and only about 45 degrees. So much for pre-riding. Our backup plan is that we're going to try to do it after work on Wednesday, but we'll see how that goes.

So my sports injury? I got it when my nephew Sebastian stepped on my foot with his soccer cleat when I went to see him play. Nice. And don't even mention my cuticles. I'm getting a pedicure this weekend, all right?

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