Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few Random Things

I realize I never did the post I was going to do about my new eating plan, but I don't really feel like it tonight. Maybe I'll post it in the future and maybe I won't. Instead, here's some randomness.

Last week: I ended up with 2 hours and 50 minutes of trainer time last week, with about an hour and 15 minutes of bike time on the road. I also did two circuit training workouts (25 min.) with Jillian. I did all the workouts I was supposed to, but I'm thinking this does not seem like a lot of time on the bike. I think this week I'll need to add another hour on the weekend. As far as my eating goes, I did pretty well. I mostly stuck to my plan, although I got a little carried away on Saturday. I'll give myself a B+.

Short track race: Thanks to our esteemed Mid-state VP Brad Potter, there will be a short track race in Lansing on the day of the Expo. It's doubtful that I will race, but I'm going to go to take some photos. It should be a fun race to spectate. All proceeds go to the Mid-state Chapter, and trust me, we could use the support. More info is here.

Bike Basics: Someone awesome and I are holding a women's bike clinic for beginners at a local bike shop in March. Actually she's doing it and I'm helping with promotion and will make a short presentation from a more inexperienced (self-deprecating comment left out here) cyclist's perspective. We're doing it at a local bike shop, and it's going to address things like clothing, basic bike maintenance, etc. for women who are just starting out (or occasional recreational riders looking to get more serious about riding).  I'm trying to think of some catchy verbiage that will attract some partipicants so we can do some advertising. I'll post more details here as it becomes more fleshed out. 

Wiens: Have I mentioned that Dave Wiens is coming to town this weekend? Woo hoo! Do you think they need someone to pick him up at the airport? Or maybe accompany him back to Gunny?


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Love your post today...DG

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