Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clawing My Way Back From Hedonism

For something like two months straight I wallowed in hedonism. During that time period, the only thing I really did that was productive was the stuff I had to do at work. I let the dishes and laundry pile up and let the house get even messier than usual, if that's even possible. I ate everything in sight, drank much more heavily and often than usual (normally I drink about once or twice a month, though, so don't send me to Betty Ford just yet). I trained a total of two days and spent most of my time at home reading, surfing the Internet, watching t.v. and dreaming about getting out of Michigan for good.

I got more exercise when we were on vacation in Crested Butte than I had in weeks. Still, my eating on vacation wasn't exactly low fat (although it was healthier than meals made of Christmas cookies and candy, which I had been eating before we left), and we went to the bar every night.

I resolved to get back on track as soon as we got back home, but that's been harder than I anticipated.  Since we came back in the middle of the week, I told myself I'd start on the following Monday morning. When Monday came, I weighed myself and wanted to cry. It was bad, very bad. Then I did clean up my act, at least a bit. My eating habits certainly haven't been perfect, but they've been seriously improved. I can count the number of pieces of candy I ate this week—unlike before when I actually lost track—and I confined it to mini Special Darks and mini York Peppermint Patties.

As for training, I had the best of intentions. I went snowshoeing and tried to use my new (old) cross country skis. However, due to equipment malfunction, operator error or both, I didn't get much of a workout either day. I set out to ride the trainer, but forgot that I still had Chris' racing tires on my bike. I was supposed to change the back one so it wouldn't get ruined on the trainer. I rode the trainer for about 45 minutes on one night, but used the tires as an excuse not to ride anymore this week. It's become too easy to make excuses for why I'm not doing what I need to.

But I do have goals for myself (none of which I have posted yet here), and I do have a plan. Now I just need to muster all the motivation I can find, reach into my suitcase of courage and find a way to completely escape my tendency toward hedonism. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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Ali B. said...

I did really well this past week... but, the aftermath of a binge on gin last night has me feeling like I ruined any progress I was making. At least it was sunny today... ??