Sunday, December 20, 2009


I apologize to anyone coming to this site to read cycling-related posts. There just hasn't been much related to cycling to talk about lately. My winter training went well for the first couple weeks, but then I got sick again, got ridiculously busy at work and found lots of excuses to avoid it. My plan at this point is to start up again when we get back from Crested Butte and work hard the rest of the winter, because I do want to be in good shape for Barry-Roubaix. Realistically, though, even if I had been training, it wouldn't make for scintillating reading. I can just picture it now:

Today I rode the trainer and watched Spinervals 2.0, Sweating Buckets. I did a lot of sweating. Then I took a shower.

So, on to the real topic of this post ...

I said quite a while ago that the first hurdle in plan to move to Crested Butte was to get our house ready to sell. Since October when we rented an 18-yard container to throw a bunch of things away, we haven't made any progress toward this goal. It could be because it's so overwhelming—there's so much to do, and I fear it's going to be prohibitively expensive. There's much in our house that is in disrepair, not to mention downright ugly. Here's a taste of what I'm up against:

Bathroom floor tile

Garish color combinations (and yes, the tub matches this toilet)

Precious kitchen wallpaper complete with baby farm animal border

Kitchen counter and backsplash made of, you guessed it, linoleum

Vinyl floor tile in the kitchen

Stained, indoor/outdoor-style carpeting in bedroom and hallway (formerly in entire house)

But lest someone think there is nothing about our house I like, I give you our wide oak trim, which is really quite nice:

But if all you do is whine about how much you have to do, nothing ever gets done. So, I started planning to do these projects incrementally, so as not to overwhelm our stamina or our budget too much. The bathroom really needs the most attention, so I began with that.

Ideally, I would like to make the following changes to the bathroom before we put the house on the market. Luckily, we can do most of them ourselves or by enlisting the help of my dad, who can fix, make or build pretty much anything.
  • Remove hideous wallpaper
  • Paint
  • Install an exhaust fan
  • Replace vanity
  • Replace mirror and light with lighted medicine cabinet
  • Replace rotting trim
  • Build storage shelves 
  • Replace floor tile with linoleum
(That's right. As of now, I'm planning to leave the pink toilet and tub, as well as the sea foam green wall tile and tub surround, but I could change my mind.)

After my first two days of work on it, I have not even finished removing the remarkably stubborn wallpaper (see top photo). I guess I have my work cut out for me. Wish me luck! 


Ali B. said...

House projects sure can squander loads of time. Boy, do I KNOW that story...

4 years ago this spring I decided to renovate my bathroom. The pepto bismal pink walls (no joke) under the hideous wallpaper needed a coat of paint. I took everything off the walls & removed the trim... THEN, I realized that riding bikes is WAY more fun & that hobby completely took over. I haven't planted flowers, finished painting, etc!! haha I find it hilarious because I don't own this place, but do feel bad that you are up against those little farm animals!?!? Oy!! I guess I feel a little better about my pink bathroom tiles, raised toilet, peel/stick floor covering, butterfly transfers on the stove backsplash, hideous gilded ceiling fans, fancy wooden outlet covers, ... ok, I need to quit because I'm making myself ill.


Laurie said...

Best of luck with your bathroom, Andrea! We have lofty goals this winter of bathroom painting and basement finishing...good thing Mitch just got a bunch of tools for Christmas! :)