Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Weekend Photos

I was wondering the other day why Ali's blog is so cool and fun to read and mine is so booooooring. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Ali puts a lot more pictures on her blog.
  2. Ali is more creative and sparse with her verbiage, rather than writing long, rambling diatribes like me.
  3. Ali lives up North and has more interesting things of which to write about and take pictures.

Chances are, I will still write rambling diatribes, but I thought every once in a while I could post some up North pictures and it would help. So here they are, fresh from our weekend:

Random lake on Weaver Rd. (the road our cabin is on)
Where Weaver Rd. turns to gravel

Looking to the right while crossing Island Lake Rd.

Pastoral vista near the end of Weaver Rd.

Here's where I left my bike while taking pictures of the pastoral vista

Pine-y goodness on Weaver Rd.

Maddy girl relaxing near the cabin

Gretchen looking very interested in something

That's why those waders were so heavy!

That squirrel is going to be pissed when he can't find his stash!

The boys preparing to leave to fish on the lovely Au Sable

The End

Next Up: What I Didn't Tell You About My Poto Trip


Ali B. said...

You crack me up. I make SOMETHING out of nothing. I think that's why my blog is what you call "creative." (makes me snicker) I truly treat my blog as my personal journal - take it or leave it people! ;) I honestly don't consider my audience - EVER... as long as it amuses me, it's PERFECT.

With that said, I LOVE your photos on this post! It was a quick read and really took me there!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. We used to call your random lake the Comins Swamp or Comins backwater. That was a few yrs back however.