Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Race Day

After skipping Ft. Custer to go to Key West and 6 Hours of Addison Oaks getting cancelled, it seemed like forever between Yankee Springs and the Hanson Hills race last week. Now it's time for another race and it hasn't even been a week.

Today I'll race 8 Hours of Cannonsburg. I'm pretty nervous, which explains why I woke up well before the alarm went off and was unable to get back to sleep. My nervousness is probably understandable, considering I never even ridden this course, let alone raced on it. It will also be my longest race ever. I know it's not long compared to the races this racer is doing, but it's only my second foray into the endurance scene. My goal is to do 10 laps. Last year I did 8 at 6 Hours of Ithaca, so 10 shouldn't be a stretch for this race as long as I don't burn myself out too early. I am supposed to be faster this year, after all, even if that wasn't apparent at Hanson Hills. Wish me luck!

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Laurie said...

Good luck, Andrea!