Monday, February 9, 2009

Help, I'm Drowning (and Other Good News)

It's horrible what I've been doing to my blog lately. Or, rather, not doing. There are all kinds of things to write about, but there just seems to be no time.

The latest development, which has made things even more hectic, is the fact that I've been offered a new job. Now I'm not complaining about this development, because I am very excited. It's just that starting next week, I'll be spending 40 hours in an office, and won't have time to finish up the freelance projects I have hanging out there. So, I'm trying to complete the big ones this week.

When I quit my job back in September, I was hoping I'd have a new job soon. As the weeks went by and I didn't get one, I embraced freelancing as a source of income and I also loved the flexibility. But I kept looking for a job and hoping for something good to come along.

I have high hopes for my new job. The people seem great. The company has a wonderful reputation in the community and I've heard from multiple people that it's an outstanding place to work. On top of that, I think the position will be interesting and allow me to use my skills. It's a lot of the communications stuff I had in my last job, but there's also some significant PR involved.

I may continue to be scarce around here for the next week or so, but hopefully, after that I'll be back in full force.

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