Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Couple Unrelated Items

So something happened on Sunday that made me feel really stupid. I was expecting to get a CPS Award for third place. I was sitting there at the Expo with a bunch of my teammates from last year, but I never heard my name. At first I thought they were just calling names in a really weird order. Then when it was over, I thought I must have just missed hearing my name because we were talking a bit amongst ourselves and the guy who was reading the names was seriously mumbling.

When it was all over, I went up to ask about it and they told me I wasn't on the list. I couldn't figure it out, because according to the results on the MMBA site, I came in third place. I didn't argue about it, though, because I wasn't positive and I didn't want to look more ridiculous than I already did. Turns out I was right—sort of. According to the file on the MMBA site, I'm in third. I have a three next to my name and I'm the third one in the list. Everyone below me is greyed out, presumably because they didn't do enough races to qualify. Upon further review, though, I realized the person directly under me did have enough races, even though her name is greyed out. She also had one more point than I did. They must have figured out there was a mistake but never bothered to correct the file. I'm glad I didn't make a big deal about it.

In other news, I'm really excited about our new site. We had some t-shirts made, wore them around at the Expo and had several people ask about the site. We even met a potential advertiser. I also created a Facebook fan site and we already have 39 fans (and some of them are actually people we don't even know). We got some link love from Danielle and Jake and we've had 245 visits since we launched. It's just one more reason why I can't for race season to start.


Jake said...

Andrea, that sucks about the award I thought for sure you had third place locked up. I am pretty sure I checked those results a few times.

Laurie said...

Andrea, I finally had some time to REALLY browse the MiMBR site and it's pretty neat. I look forward to seeing it grow throughout the upcoming season and will be a regular visitor. :)