Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Summer Makes a Comeback

I thought I'd get on the trainer yesterday and spin it out for a while to recover from the race. It had stormed pretty hard in the middle of the night on Sunday, but by Monday morning, the sun was peeking out. I took the girls to the dog park in the morning, but promised myself if I got my freelancing work done, I'd take a break and ride in the afternoon.
Shortly after lunch, when I'd finished my article (and I'd broken the USB connector off the flash drive I was just thinking I should back up the other day), I realized how lucky I am to be working from home, and I got my cross bike out. Ten minutes later, I was riding, slow and easy, toward the bike path and promising myself that if the weather held, I'd make it to some dirt the next day.
If it wasn't for all the leaves strewn about, there would have been no way to identify the day as Nov. 3. The temperatures reached 70 degrees, and I rode in a short-sleeved jersey and shorts. In November.

The good weather brought lots of people out to the bike path (even a guy on a big-wheeled unicycle, who I was not able to get a picture of), but not enough to make it too crowded to ride. I took it leisurely and rode at a recovery pace for about an hour. One ride down, four more to go to keep my promise. If this weather continues, that shouldn't be hard.

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