Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Advice?

Today I was catching up on back issues of Shape magazine when I found a couple of interesting bike-related items (which are few and far between in this particular publication).

Advice from Christine Vardaros, three-time member of the U.S. Cyclocross World Champion team, on how to protect yourself during an endo:
  • Protect your head by wrapping your arms around it with hands in fists
  • Tuck your body as if you were about to do a somersault
  • Put your chin to your chest

These may be useful, and I certainly need them, but I'm not sure I'll be able to think quickly enough to do all this while I'm in the midst of a crash.

Advice on when to replace your bike (and other fitness gear/equipment):

  • Frame is dented (!)
  • Rust or kinks in the chain (!!??)

Clearly, whoever wrote this has a lot more disposable income than I do. I'm sure I dented my mountain bike frame the first time I rode it. As for kinks or rust in the chain, wouldn't you just replace the chain?


PEANUT said...

For replacing your chain, measure 11" from knob to knob on the chain. If the 11" mark falls more than 1/16" short of the knob it is closest to, then time to change the chain. If you wait until 1/8", you may be in trouble - meaning you may have waited too long to change it and now your cassette and possibly chainrings are worn due to the stretched chain.
To remedy a rusty chain, lube it. Even WD40 will work. And if the chain is clicking on every rotation at a bent part, then do change the chain. But if you cant notice the bent chain, ride it till it is stretched.
THANKS for mentioning me on your blog!!!

Di said...

Wow, I would be buying a bike every week. I replaced a lot of rusty chains, last winter.

Denting - ditto. Wait - the Jamis isn't dented, yet. Who knows. I think I'll risk my life and keep it. ;-)

Ali B. said...

I did exactly what peanut said. Waiting farrrrr too long to change the chain and ruined my cassette = lots of money into my bike last month because not only was the cassette needing a replacement, but a cable, a middle ring.. etc. It's never 1 thing. hm.. but, boy -o- boy does it pedal like a gem.