Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, enough about weddings and trips to Key West. It's time for this blog to go back to its original intent. It's also time for me to get my butt back on my bike. This weekend we head up North to our cabin. We haven't been there since October. Our next race is next weekend at Hanson Hills. It's in Grayling, about 40 miles or so from our cabin. I've never ridden the course and neither has Chris, so we're planning to preride this weekend. Since it's a holiday and we have an extra day, we're hoping to get in at least two separate rides, probably Hanson Hills and Rifle River.

I'm also third place in the Championship Point Series at this juncture. That's third out of seven. Of course, all the people who are behind me either only did one race or haven't done any. I am 13 points behind second and 22 points behind first. I'm hoping to close the gap a little next weekend.

I know I still never posted a race report for Fort Custer, and I really don't feel too much like doing it at this point. However, here is a short recap in bullet point form.
  • I didn't crash at all.
  • I finished with a time of 1:16:53. That was less time than I thought it would take me, but not good.
  • Five people in the beginner class (which only did one lap) had slower times than me. Every one of them was under the age of 14.
  • I was hanging in there early, but started to lose time when I started being way too cautious. I walked far too many things I ought to have ridden.
  • I lost even more time when I stopped to help a little girl who couldn't have been more than 10 and had dropped her chain. For some reason, I couldn't help her get it back on. After wasting a bunch of time not helping, I ended up flagging down a guy who wasn't racing to help her. After her chain was back on, she passed me and beat me.
  • I blame my overcautiousness on not wanting to injure or disfigure myself so close to the wedding. I'll figure out at Hanson Hills if that is really a legitimate excuse or if I actually haven't made any progress at all toward growing a pair.
  • I still had fun.

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