Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Times

It's been a busy couple of days here in the Conch Republic. Yesterday evening, our friends Kryne and Jeremy arrived. They didn't decide they were coming until a couple of weeks ago and we were really glad they came. We hung out with them last night at Conch Republic Seafood Company for happy hour. We watched the Red Wings game at the Lazy Gecko and then hit Big 'Uns for a little of Matt Avery's show. Ben had the night off, so we didn't see him.
This morning, I spent some time putting the finishing touches on the out of town bags we're going to be giving our guests as they arrive.
Then Chris and I went to the Mason County Clerk to apply for our marriage license. We ended up filling out our paperwork next to a couple who is also from Lansing.
At 12:30, I went for my hairdo trial. Marie-Pierre is doing my hair and she is awesome. She made it to Key West from France after living in New York and San Francisco for a while. She's very interesting to talk to. She's coming to my mom's hotel room the day of the wedding to do my hair and airbrush makeup.
I'm really happy with how my hair turned out. I love the curls and how soft it looks.

After stopping by the salon for a wax and a wonderful, hour-long pedicure with all kinds of minty scrubs and foot masks and such, I stopped by Captain Tony's to catch the end of Ben's act. This is Ben's dog, Renny. Who knew Ben had a dog? I asked him why he didn't feed her.
We ended the evening with dinner at Turtle Kraal's. We even watched the turtle races. Now we're chillin' in our room since we have to leave early in the a.m. for our backcountry fishing trip.

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