Saturday, January 5, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Ever since we returned from Missouri, it seems like I've been playing catch up. I had to return to work on Wednesday and start wading through my big piles again. I had to spend some serious quality time with my pups, who sadly had to be left in the kennel during the trip to Missouri. (If only Maddy would quit barking loudly and hysterically in the middle of the night if she hears the slightest noise ... ) I also had a backlog of things to do around the house. Given all that, I haven't posted since New Year's Day, and that post was all about things that happened prior to New Year's Day. So, it appears I'm in need of some catching up on my blog, too. Here's a recap of the past several days, not all of things cycling-related:

Jan. 1—I finally got motivated to get out and do something, even though it wasn't riding. In the morning I decided to take the puppies out in the snow. I put my snowshoes in the car, but when we arrived at the park, I decided against putting them on. The girls were extremely excited and I determined that I would barely be able to hold on to the end of their leashes, much less do it while attached to and walking with snowshoes. We ended up sloggy through the snow in the woods for about 40 minutes. While we were out there, I formed two conflicting thoughts—I don't know why I don't take them out for walks more often and I know why I don't take them out for walks more often. I don't know why I don't take them out for walks more often because they have such a blast. They were bounding around in the snow like crazy and having a blast. However, I also remembered why I put off taking them for walks, because it's so hard. They are not well-trained to walk on a loose leash so they practically pull my arms out of their sockets. Gretchen alone is hard to handle and together it is really exhausting. (That's something I really need to spend some time working on, one of my hopes for the coming year, because they need a lot more exercise, particularly given where we live and the fact that we don't even have a fenced yard. Indoor wrestling and fetch games only go so far.) I wasn't able to get good photos because they wouldn't cooperate, but I've posted a couple here anyway.

My second activity for New Year's Day was cross country skiiing. Yes, you heard it right and no, I don't know how to ski. We went to a local park and rented skis, poles and boots for an hour. I was less than good at it. Given my lack of skill, I thought it was good that I only fell three times. Also, cross country skiing falls hurt a lot less than mountain bike falls, so that was one positive aspect. However, let me just say that I know why Alaska Jill prefers riding her bike to cross country skiing. I feel a lot less out of control on my bike than I do on skis.

Jan. 2—65 minutes riding the trainer (Recovery and Technique DVD, last 20 minutes reading a book)

Jan. 3—Skipped training to go out for an early birthday celebration, will have to make it up on the weekend

Jan. 4—Happy 35th Birthday to me! Because we knew the day was going to packed full, we got up early to ride the trainer before work. We did the 50-minute Sweating Buckets DVD. Other activities included a sad funeral in the afternoon and watching my favorite Spartan hockey team kick the crap out of Lake State, 8-2. (They must have been trying to give me a good show for my birthday.) I think I went to bed about 10:00. I'm such a partier!

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