Friday, January 25, 2008

Cabin Fever

There's definitely something wrong with my attitude right now. My last post talked about how I rode on Tuesday night even though it was late and I didn't want to. However, last night I jumped at the chance to skip riding the trainer so we could go out and buy new exercise flooring to install upstairs before our new Bowflex arrives. We did get up and ride this morning before work, but even when I am riding lately, I am not really feeling like doing it, and I don't think I'm getting out of it what I should. This was not the case a couple weeks ago, and I think I know the difference.

Now, very few people really want to ride the trainer inside. Riding outside is consistently fun. Riding the trainer is seldom fun. But with this recent cold snap we've had, I have been way to much of a wuss to even take the girls out for a walk, much less pile on the gear and ride in the frigid temperatures. I have been doing some riding outside this winter, but single digits were just too much for me. (This was not the case for Anne, who is hard core, and whose last blog posting shamed me for spending so many days inside on the trainer.)

The fact is, I'm just sick of being inside, period. So I'm just going to have to reach into my suitcase of courage and get out there this weekend. (I know, that's terrible, but Fat Cyclist used this Phil Liggett-ism on his blog recently, and I couldn't help but copy him.) Somewhat serendipitously, it's supposed to get a lot warmer, so it should be no problem. Hopefully, the trails won't be too messy to get in any good riding. The team is supposed to meet this Sunday at Maybury, and I haven't been out there before, so I'm excited.

Of course, I'll have to work riding around watching two very important hockey games this weekend. My Spartan hockey team is playing the evil ones and they had better win!

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