Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Slackers

As I mentioned previously, my training this winter will be extremely trainer-heavy, and today was no exception. Since I didn't have a race today, I was supposed to do the "No Slackers Allowed" DVD, which is in the "competition" series. The DVDs I use most often are in the "fitness" series, with the only real exception being the recovery DVD. So, I was somewhat apprehensive, but figured I had better get it out of the way fairly early in the day.

The DVD was supposed to be a substitute for my race, and it did fairly well in most respects. Obviously missing was the socializing aspect, since I was alone upstairs except for my dogs, who chased each other around until they got tired and then crashed on the old, cruddy couch that's up there.

I noticed two things about this particular DVD:

  1. It looked different. Instead of the usual setting in a ballroom at the Belvedere Hotel, it was on a beach, only marginally more interesting. There was something slightly disturbing to me about using a bike trainer on a beach, particularly since it was reasonably warm, if the apparel of the participants and Coach Troy are any indication. Although it was pretty grey, it was perfectly acceptable weather for outdoor riding. Beyond the weird setting, I also noticed that it just looked old. Coach Troy looked a little younger, with a nerdier looking hairdo and everything else just looked a little outdated. This was confirmed when I got to the end of the DVD and instead of the usual URL for the Spinervals Web site, a mailing address was offered for inquiries. I was disturbed again when I looked at the date on the back of the case. When did 1997 start looking outdated? (Yes, I realize that was 10 years ago, but when I think about the fact that I graduated from high school in 1991 and college in 1995, it makes me wonder where all that time went.)
  2. It was hard. Now I probably didn't really use as much effort as I do in a race, mostly because I'm aware of the fact that I'm not actually racing. It's really easy to lapse into soft-pedalling, but overall I thought it was pretty high intensity. A particularly hard part was a five-minute interval that's supposed to simulate a prologue in the Tour. Again, I don't think for a minute it was as hard as being in the Tour, but for me it was quite difficult. Since I was able to finish, I have decided that I must not be a slacker.

Overall, I feel pretty good about how I got through it, especially given the fact that I was sprawled on the couch, sloth-like for the entire day yesterday as I result of some questionable decisions on Friday night. I still wasn't feeling great when I woke up this morning, but I actually feel a lot better after riding.

I am glad I liked this DVD. I'm going to be riding it a lot in the next several weeks since next Saturday is the final Kisscross race of the season. When that happens, I'll have to get outside on my bike to ride at least once or twice a week and hope the paltry amount of cold weather gear I own will hold out until Christmas.

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