Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Little Victories

Our Internet service was down at home last night and I didn't get to post anything, so even though this has today's date on it, it is yesterday's blog.

I have an English degree. I use lots of words—big words, little words, words people have never heard of before. One of my friends confessed to me that she sometimes has to go for the dictionary after we have a normal, casual conversation.

However, one word I had probably heard but had definitely never used before two or three years ago is cadence. So, why is it that it had me so infuriated last night? Although it wasn't actually the word, but the cadence monitor on my computer. I couldn't get it to register anything but 0 and I'm doubtful that my cadence was actually 0.

Last night's trainer workout was "Ride Strong with Team Clydesdale." At one point, Coach Troy tells everyone to try to get their cadence above 120. Since my monitor wasn't working, I just tried to pedal as fast as I could and hope for the best. Several people have told me I could estimate my cadence or even count it out. I would have no idea how to even attempt that. I think the reason this frustrated me so much was that I have a burning desire to know how I am doing and what progess I am making at all times.

One thing made me feel better about my ride, though. There is a portion of the DVD when Coach Troy tells everyone do intervals of one minute each. During the first 45 seconds, you just ride in your big ring. During the last 15 seconds, you are supposed to pedal standing up. The last time I did this particular DVD, which was probably last February, I couldn't stand up and ride at all. This time I was able to ride standing up for the entire time required. It wasn't fast or smooth, but I did it. That must be progress and I suppose I can attribute it to all the extra miles I put in this year.

I finally got my hands on a semi-decent photo of me from Sunday's race, so I posted it here. And before anyone says anything (if anyone is actually reading this), I am aware that my helmet doesn't fit correctly. I'm working on a new one.

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