Sunday, May 23, 2010

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

Yesterday was the Mid-state Poker Run. And as with any gathering of mountain bikers, beer was present and hijinks ensued. We got there a bit late and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do the actual poker run, but just hang out for a while.

So I ate a fabulous burger from the grill. Then I watched Chris M. put together a bike for his kid while Jon W9 supervised.

Then I watched Chris' super cute kid ride his new bike which, incidentally, had the fork on backwards. At that point, I started to feel a little guilty about the fact that I hadn't done the poker run. After all, it was a perfect opportunity to finally ride my bike after an extended hiatus. Low key, no pressure. All I had to do was get motivated to change my clothes and get on my bike.

So I did. And it felt very good to get back on the bike. So good, in fact, that I almost forgot all about the poker run.

That was, until I saw the first sign.

The trail was a little sloppy from the rain and I had a few mishaps, but I persevered.

And then I collected numbers from stations 2 and 3.

Just two more to go. Then I looked at the time. Oops. It was 15 minutes after the poker run was supposed to end.

So it was back to the tent for some super SWAG!

Thanks to Jon, there were some big time prizes.

The Badger was ready to rest.

And there was much hilarity to witness.

Someone had obviously been drinking a bit of this.

Life imitated art.

The charred remains of a few hot dogs were all that was left.

Bottom line: The Mid-state Poker Run was a good time and I definitely need to spend more time on my bike.


Anonymous said...

Photo looks like Mensing is gasing the bike up.

Ali B. said...

Looks like a fun day.. mmm those hotdogs are PERFECT.