Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Like My Blog a Lot. Really.

It might really seem, from the way I've been neglecting my blog over the last several months, that I don't like my blog or my blog readers very much. In fact, the opposite is true. I enjoy having a blog. I like being able to write about anything I want, or at least anything I feel comfortable posting on the Internet. I like the fact that I can talk about topics on my blog that those who see me on a daily basis are sick of hearing about. I like that I can't really tell if my blog readers are tuning me out, like I can so easily with my husband. I like the conversations I have with people through my blog. There are some extremely cool people I probably wouldn't even know without this blog. I also like using it as a reference for myself and a way to jog my memory about past events.

That's a lot of things to like. Still, I haven't been updating it, which is the understatement of the year. One thing I have struggled with a lot lately is knowing what to write about and what not to write about. For example, lately I haven't been doing much that's bike-related, and that's supposed to be the main thrust of my blog. So, how far do I stray from the bike topic? What can I justify?

The other problem is that I've been on an emotional rollercoaster in recent weeks. I've been rethinking all my goals and plans, as well as reevaluating my life and my direction in general. I've also had a lot of upheaval and have discovered some things about myself that were not exactly a good surprise. Needless to say, I've been wallowing. A lot. I'm not a fun person to be around right now, and I don't want my blog to be a huge downer for the handful of readers I may or may not have left. 

But now that I've thought about all that, I've come to the conclusion that I'm really overthinking things. Maybe I should just post what I feel like posting and let the rest take care of itself. So, I'm going to try to start posting at least three times a week from this point forward. That will be my goal. 

But since I've just returned from my annual trip to Key West, I'm going to start with a few photos from the trip. (Nothing new here for those who have looked at my photos on Facebook already. Sorry.)

Beach near our hotel 

Yacht my husband coveted docked near the Westin

View of Key West airport from the tarmac

 Our awesome buddy Ben, the coolest guitar player in Key West and beyond

Mallory Square 

Looking at boats near the Galleon 

Ben with "old" Taylor and "new" Taylor

Manatee mailbox

Hangin' with Ben at the Whistle


inasnit said...

I'm still here :) And I don't care if you write about biking or anything else for that matter -- you're still doing more than I am in the 'blogosphere' ..

If you ever need a (digital) ear beyond this blog, feel free to shoot me an email ... I've battled many many demons in my day and am happy to offer support and experience whenever I can .. I think our demons might be similar ...

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you guys and Ben. I hadn't seen this one. DG

Ali B. said...

I've had my fair share of battles... give me a holler ANY time. There is nothing in life that surprises me anymore and I am full of awesome listening skills. :) Love that last photo of the 3 of you.. happy happy! I always smell/sense key lime pie when I look at your photos... hmmm